Dark Blue Slyme Rod

Dark Blue Slyme Rod

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Dark Blue Slyme has everything you know and love about a Slyme: finished work can range from opaque to translucent to transparent in the same piece from the same rod of color; the milky strike that gives so much visual depth; and the rich color where the milk strike is burned away. Unlike the regular Slyme, the Dark Blue Slyme keeps more of its color under clear encasement. But the biggest difference between the new Dark Blue Slyme and regular green Slyme is the flame -- you will want to use a slightly reducing to neutral flame. Like most colors in the Slyme family, this glass is a little bit soft, meaning the COE is a little bit high, maybe a point, point and a half. This is the same as Slyme, Dense Slyme 3, Satin Slyme and Pink Slyme, and all the opaque candy colors, Pink Caddy, Wisteria and Kiwi.

  • Item Number: 2B58
  • Manufactured by: Trautman Art Glass