Mighty Moss Medium Frit

Mighty Moss Medium Frit

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Dense, blingy, and far more stable than our earlier, experimental versions - the new Mighty Moss is TAG's latest glitter color. Like all aventurines, you want to avoid reduction and long hot garaging, but we have had success with this REFORMULATION in implosions and encasements.

This marble is a little over an inch in diameter, and while Paul did swirl the Mighty Moss with a lot of clear, he also ran this in the annealer at 1050 for about THIRTY HOURS!! It does not have a single check mark in it, even when inspected with a jeweler's loupe. Our friend Morio even took this marble from our table at the Glass Art Society conference and bounced it shoulder-high off the concrete floor -- and we still have NO checks in this marble. We are very pleased with these results!

  • Item Number: 2B38MF
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Manufactured by: Trautman Art Glass