Abes Ivy

Abes Ivy

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Abes Ivy is a light transparent aquamarine blue color that can yield many hues including metallic blues, copper reds and sea greens. When reduced, this color can yield earthy reds and browns. Because of its high silver content it will react very quickly in the flame so be careful not to over reduce. To yield other interesting effects, try encasing Abes Ivy with SPC-408 Diamond Clear or backing it with an opaque color like Bright White or Ivory. This color can be stretched thin, so it is well suited for delicate blown work, stringer application, beads, sculptures and cane work. We recommend use of a neutral oxidizing flame when melting the color in the flame and to achieve the most vivid colors. Wave the piece in the flame to bring out the silver.

  • Item Number: 790
  • Material: 104 COE Soft Glass
  • Shape: Rod
  • Manufactured by: Precision 104