Yellow First Quality Rod

Yellow First Quality Rod

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Yellow is an eye catching striking transparent yellow. It can be struck in a kiln or in the flame. This is another good forgiving striking color for those starting out. If it is worked in an oxidizing environment, NS-09 Yellow will yield a transparent golden yellow. If worked in a neutral to slightly reducing flame NS-09 Yellow will start to darken and turn a semi opaque amber color. Because the strike can be easily controlled, NS-09 Yellow can be used for sculpture, beads, and blown work without washing out or overpowering the work. Try layering NS-09 Yellow over NS-07 Ruby for a vibrant fuchsia color (as demonstrated in Northstar Newsletter issue 8), and be sure to try it over NS-28 Blue Exotic.

  • Item Number: 9
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Shape: Rod
  • Manufactured by: Northstar Glassworks

5 out of 5 Stars

NS Yellow is one of the most versatile silver based colors out there. It is stable for surface work and deep encasement and is not boily at all. It brings out a transparent yellow on the first strike but can show blues, greens and purples if struck multiple times. Occasionally I use it encased for flower marbles and strike it gently which makes it ghostly like a light silver fume.

Date Added: 12/30/2013

5 out of 5 Stars

Easy to overlook this color but once you try it you will always have some around. It will strike to multiple colors and has a real nice look when it is transparent yellow with a slight purple tint. Really fun to play with to see the color range.

Date Added: 01/10/2014

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