Ruby K First Quality Rod

Ruby K First Quality Rod

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Ruby K has been developed to mitigate the difficulties of striking rubies and allow maximum work time without liveriness. It is much easier to un-strike back to the clear state. This allows the color to be used for lip wraps, and sculptural applications without fear of over-striking. As far as intensity, Ruby K can range in color from as light as NS-07L to as dark as NS-08 Dark Ruby. Work in a hot neutral to slightly oxidizing flame. For best results, kiln strike. The piece must be as clear as possible to utilize the striking properties of this color. Above all, the most significant attribute of NS-82 Ruby K is its optical purity. It is more refined, allowing the artist to create thin work without fear of the color washing out or a rough bubbly surface.

  • Item Number: 57
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Shape: Rod
  • Manufactured by: Northstar Glassworks

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