Periwinkle Fore Powder 1 lb.

Periwinkle Fore Powder 1 lb.

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Periwinkle is a fully opaque baby blue that is great for blown work, and stringer application. To prevent any boiling issues, heat NS-55 Periwinkle slowly and gently. Once the color is glowing it can take a lot of heat. The trick is patience with a soft flame! Periwinkle is sensitive to atmosphere, and must be worked in a soft neutral to oxidizing flame. Try layering NS-19 Light Cobalt over NS-55 Periwinkle for bright neon blue. Also be sure to try layering NS-14 Irrid over NS-55 Periwinkle. For additional information about NS-55 Periwinkle refer to Northstar Newsletter issue 15.

  • Item Number: NS-38-FP
  • Manufactured by: Northstar Glassworks