Bibidibobidiblue Medium Frit (38 grade) 4 oz. jar

Bibidibobidiblue Medium Frit (38 grade) 4 oz. jar

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Bibidibobidiblue is a pastel blue that was created to fill a hole in our palette. This opaque blue works well as a background color or as stringers, especially in blue fades.

"This color is an opaque baby sky blue glass with natural patterns in the finish due to variation of the tones of blue. This color has a bit more air in the canes than other opaques, but when worked properly Bibidibobidiblue has a smooth finish surface that looks as though it has texture, somewhere between smooth blue granite worn by the tides and a pattern that could be a patch of sky on a slightly hazy day. To get the best surface finish when the color is not encased, I recommend keeping your color layer 3mm to 4mm thick and work further out in the cooler part of your normal working flame. No need to over oxidize or reduce with this color, it is best just to be patient when building a core heat and when you are spot heating for detail and welds." - Mike Shelbo

  • Item Number: 3B51MFQP
  • Manufactured by: Glass Alchemy

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