Alchemy Mint Medium Frit (38 grade) 4 oz. jar

Alchemy Mint Medium Frit (38 grade) 4 oz. jar

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Alchemy Mint is an opaque celadon green that works well in fades, backgrounds to pop other colors or as an off white, especially in stringer applications.

This opaque color is the in between shade of GA Alchemy Mint and GA Agua Azul. It is a wonderful blend that is similar to the color of conventional toothpaste. It handles really well in all flame atmospheres and can be worked very easily with or without encasement. Agua Mist melts smooth and creamy, so it works like a dream. Great for hollow or solid work and is light when drawn out to a stringer but still holds its color well.

  • Item Number: 3B25MFQP
  • Manufactured by: Glass Alchemy

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